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Branding Jar
Branding Package

Branding & Logo Design

We create unique, original content that creates SEO, Social Media, and online PR value. Our content marketing campaigns keep your audience loyal and engaged.

All Brand Packages Are Custom

- Starting at $1,500 

We do offer some Webiste Brand add-on's that a la carte of our brand packages

- Starting at $175 -

  • Course start date?
    The Branded-u program begins, once you sign up to the upcoming schedule. You will have instant access to the membership site. The course will start as scheduled and completed at the end of twelve weeks.
  • I have a new business and is this right for me?
    Yes, you want to focus on one of the main fundamental pieces of your business; it's branding. If you are in the beginning stages of the company, a focus of the brand is a fantastic start.
  • My business has only been up a hot minute, is this for me? "
    Yes! If your results are slow and not what you expected from the efforts online, for your business. You are not hitting your consistent income goals and working "really" hard. It's time to revisit the basics and create a brand that compliments company goals.
  • I sell products, is this what I need? "
    If you're ready to build trust with your community through your company brand’s story and identification behind your products then yes it is time to brand or rebrand your company.
  • Why is this different, can’t I hire a designer? "
    Most designers do not have branding and messaging training. Designers bring the brand to life, but your experience and knowledge is greater for the final product, since you are grounded in your story, the chosen niche, your audience, and messaging before a designer is hired. Your designer will love you, bringing a completed brand overview - they will be able to create their best work.
  • Why is this approach to branding different?
    My approach to branding is different, from what others are doing! I consider branding to be the heart of your business. It is the foundation of your business (niche, ideal client, and messaging) and should be in place before the aesthetics are created. The course will support you in defining, creating the brands look, and much more of your brands identification., but also so much more. By the end of the course, you will have clarity on your brand's message, who is your ideal client, and a wholly developed brand for your company. A Brand is so much more than just a logo, and our Branded-u course & coaching sets you up for creating an excellent well-developed brand that is a true reflection of you and the service or products your company offers.

We love working with inspiring business owners. Contact us today to learn more about working with KWco Designs.

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