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Interface Designer in the Office

LXD and Learning Development Examples 

Instructional Design 
& Learning Experience Portfolio

Read the project details to learn more about my design process. 

Security Training Proposal

Project Description

Interactive, character-centered training. The learner makes decisions throughout on different threats used in Security Training. Uses branching, storytelling, and interactivity to meet learning objectives (framed as learning questions). 

Tools Used: Captivate

Role: Instructional Designer and Developer

screen shot 2022-04-11 at 1.07_edited.jpg

Happy Sloth Website & Responsive Mobile Design
Still in Development

Project Description

Brand/Logo/Website Development

Is an online yoga studio. It would like to provide its client with live virtual and recorded classes for anyone who wants to study yoga and improve their health.

  • Create a Brand / Logo for the business

  • To be appropriate for all ages

  • Host online VILT classes and be able to record them

  • The ability to take payments online

Include in the submission

  • What tool will the website be designed in - Wix (client request)

  • Why is this solution the best option for the client

  • How can this solution be future-proofed

Tools Used: Marvel Canva,, milanote 


_Yellow Professional Gradient User Persona Company Presentation.jpg

WGU Labs Case Study

Project Description

Students at WGU are busy adults balancing work, school, and personal lives. Many students are eager to utilize time as they commute to work, are in waiting rooms, or out running errands to maximize their learning. We call these transition periods “micro-moments.” How do we utilize micro-moments to help students effectively learn? 

Tools Used: Canva, Marvel App

Role: Learning Experience Designer (LXD)

Untitled design.png

Software Security e-learning

Project Description

Created an eLearning course were I worked with a team of SMEs and international design team, to design a software security course for leading corporations. Created microlearning for software security, to solve cybersecurity software challenges and go beyond reactive (but necessary) stopgap. 


Tools Used: Captivate, Powerpoint, Canva

Role: Lead Instructional Designer and Graphic Designer

Securing Software .png

Time Management Lesson 1

Project Description

Created an eLearning course on Time management to help first year students better manage their time. 


Tools Used: Powtoon

Role: Sr. Instructional Designer and Content Creator

First Year Student Instructional Video

Project Description

Created an eLearning course were I worked with a team of SMEs and to advise first year students how to navigate and what to expect during their first year at University 


Tools Used: Powtoon

Role: Lead Instructional Designer 

Website Design - Demo

Project Description

Created an eLearning course Website Design Lesson Demo  Created microlearning for webdevelopment class. 


Tools Used: Rise 360

Role: Sr. Instructional Designer and Content Creator

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-03 at 6.13_edited.jpg
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