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Grow your Business.
Make it Profitable.

Branded - U to the next level!

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Level Up

The Time is NOW. Brand NOW!

Build an extremely profitable business brand.

Let’s leverage your passion, your imagination, and creativity to envision the possibilities to your financial freedom.​

Branding - U provides a step by step roadmap to aid you in achieving your dream of a successful business. Many marketers sell the vision without the know-how, to successfully reach your goals for your business. 

And I am the branding coach that can guide you step-by-step.


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Kalysa Wilson

I’m not just a Branding Coach. I am a Website & Curriculum designer as well, and a small business owner. Over the last eleven years, I have worked with photographers, authors, tech startups, coaches, consultants, doctors, and so many more. What’s my specialty?  Helping entrepreneurs create and scale up their brand and business.

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What's in a Brand? 

Are you just starting your business? Or are you thinking about rebranding to scale up your business? Not sure where to start or what you need to attract your ideal client?

If I can be honest, there is more than just a logo and having a social media presence. A Brand is what attracts your ideal client, communicates your value to the world, and clarifies what you stand for. 


Branded-U can show you how to create an experience that will engage your client community, define your unique signature style, and incorporate your personality into your Brand.  A solid brand should:

    Deliver Your Message      Strengthen Your Authority
  Connect With Your Target Audience on an Emotional Level
  Inspired and Excite Your Target Market      Build Client Loyalty

You know it's time to Brand - U
But you don't know how? Well... I have a FREE GUIDE just for you!
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What's Your Brand Story? 

Not Sure?

I can help you create, launch, brand, grow your dream business. 

  1. As business owners sometimes we struggle with knowing what tools we need to create a brand that will resonate with our tribe so that we can stand out to our competition.

  2. Branded - u will help you identify the answers to some of the following questions. 

  3. Do you want to create a magnetic brand and brand story that appeals to your audience? 

  4. Are you struggling with finding your niche market? 

  5. Are you not clear on how to have a consistent brand design?

  6. Do you know how to deliver your brand story so that it appeals to your target client?

  7. Do you have an understanding of your true purpose and goals that you want to achieve for your brand?


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