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R L Engineering &
Tech Soultions

R L Engineering & Tech Solutions was founded by Rose Lejiste. Her goal is to optimize your entire business, improve operational performance we offer optimal solutions that are best for your company.​


When I began to work with R L Engineering & Tech Solutions, they already had a functional website with tremendous potential. The business services already had called the attention of possible partners and investors. However, we had three main challenges:
• Refine the Brand strategy of R L Engineering & Tech Solutions.
• Build the visual approach and branding of the company.
• Develop an intuitive user experience for the R L Engineering Website. 


I had to create an identity that translates the values and benefits of the company, without focussing on a specific target audience. R L Engineering & Tech Solutions concentrates on two different markets: DoD and Technology Industry. I decided to concentrate on those characteristics that will remain after the company grows:
Trace Identification / Data Driven Results / Analtics 

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