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WGU Labs Case Study

Project Description

Students at WGU are busy adults balancing work, school, and personal lives. Many students are eager to utilize time as they commute to work, are in waiting rooms, or out running errands to maximize their learning. We call these transition periods “micro-moments.” How do we utilize micro-moments to help students effectively learn? 

Tools Used: Adobe XD

Role: UX/UI

Learning objective: Pick a learning objective and design a learning activity around a specific micro-moment. 

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Building Empathy | Personas

Using the quantitative and qualitative data from interviews and survey results, I defined the three target group profiles Paisley (Teacher, 21), Stanley (Student, 28) and Amanda (Asst. Manager, 33) to better empathize with my main user groups and prioritize goals according to their needs 



Created a low-fidelity prototype or wireframe to support my micro-learning app. The prototype demonstrates the interaction of what the learner would see. 

Digitally created low-fidelity prototypes 

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Visual Design

The visual design was developed by iterating from mood boards and style tiles creating the first version of the style guide.


The presentation was presented in the team kick-off meeting to the internal staff provided: The plan, prototype, and objective for the Microlearning app, to be created by the design team. 

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