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5 WAYS to have an AWESOME brand Photoshoot | | Brand Photoshoot | Branding Photos

A business headshot is fundamentally more than most realize. Headshots are what potential clients/clients see before they meet you. Your image is what a client gauges trust in your brand. The photo is often the deciding factor between the competition and you. Despite the importance of the business headshot, it’s considered as if it a third-class citizen.

Most of the time many see the headshot as a total inconvenience to have done, or as a needless expense by the employer. Here at Kalysa Wilson Branding Photography, photo headshots are taken seriously, we’ve received numerous of headshots for people coming from every profession imaginable. This experience has provided some valuable insights and a clear understanding of what makes a great headshot or photoshoot for branding your company.

Great headshots over mediocrity are what I have achieved for all branding photography. Here are our five essential top tips to follow to have a fabulous look and impress the masses with your headshots:

1. You are WHAT YOU WEAR

Have multiple outfits to select from for your photoshoot. Include, both formal and casual shots, because you don’t know what you’re going to need in the future. Make sure the clothes match, fit, are clean, and well cared for. If not, the care of clothing is always reflected in their photos. Employers don’t want any scrub.

2. The POSER

Look up pose options online before the photo shoot and try them see what is most comfortable. Some will work, and some may not. Just do it when the photographer requests to pose. Remember the pose might feel strange and awkward to you, but, it makes perfect sense through the eye of the lens.


Don’t be obsessed with the backdrop for the headshot. You are the focus of photography and are the selling point. People look tot your headshot and the first thing they notice is the background, either you or the photographer has done something wrong. However, if you’re getting a business headshot and if the company has a mandatory background color for employee headshots, of course it’s ok to relate that to the photographer. If not take advantage of the moment. Your photographer should be informed of the primary colors of the business brand and set them as backgrounds for your shoot. Using an original color from your company’s brand will show your employers and coworkers that you had headshots explicitly taken for the company. Other than that, know to need to worry about backgrounds.

4. INSECURITIES Leave outside

You’ve seen those headshots with the weird faces, fear in the eyes, and suppressed smiles. Afraid Silly, putting on an act in front of the camera, actually its what makes you look silly in photos. The camera is powerful it sees all. When people look at your headshot your eyes are the first thing, people, look-see.

You might think you’re going to wow others with your best Bonce’ impersonation, and your eyes will betray you, people look at your eyes headshot they’re still going to see you. So, moment to loosen up, and love being, you. Your purpose of a business headshot is to look friendly and approachable.

5. SMILE! put on a happy face!

“No. I don’t smile.” Every once in awhile, someone in front of our lens refuses to smile — the results in the worst photos. Despite what you think, most people look better when they’re smiling in a headshot. So smile during your session with the photographer. You’ll always have the option to select the images you prefer. That’s the magic of digital photos. People seeing your headshots online, want to see a friendly face. Everyone smiles in their everyday life, at some point.

Follow these five easy steps, and you’ll get an awesome headshot out of the photo session. If you followed the five suggestions and your headshots still suck, then it was probably your photographer who messed up. Before you choose a photographer, check out their work.


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