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Grow your Email list | Need to grow your client list Fast? |

Here are some ideas to help grow your list leads and sales. So you wonder why Email Marketing is vital if you are a marketer or a blogger? You say WHY the answer is it is the fastest and best way to reach your audience.

Remember it is your list – not the Facebook or Instagram’s list what happens when a profile gets shut down. So, remember it’s your list.

Let’s start with some Freebie Ideas to aid in growing your list.


An eBook

Mini e-Course

Checklist Cheatsheet




Coupon code


Give away

2. Marketing Freebie to Offer

Know the goal of what the freebie will achieve. Review what is of benefit to your audience product or service to offer. Do not assume

3.Successful Freebie should have five essential elements. The five items are value, efficiency, simplicity, consistency, and follow up.

4. Where to Promote Freebies

There are many places to promote. Social media platforms to reach out too. Be sure to post talking points about the topic to cover your freebie. Ask your audience if they receive the information they wanted and if they have got it, ask for contact information and send them the freebie.

Alternatively, post and tell about the freebie and have them click a link. You can also share freebie ideas in blog post.

Another great location to share freebie ideas is PINTEREST, and it absolutely loves this particular platform.

5.Create Great Freebie Ideas

Canva is a free online tool that aids in creating pictures, pdfs and much more related to your brand.

6.Ways to Deliver Your Freebie

There are three great ways to deliver the freebie, an autoresponder, Google Drive or Dropbox. Get Response, AWeber and MailChimp provide autoresponders.


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