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There are only several seconds to capture a potential client’s attention. Visually stimulating content is a crucial element to ensuring your customers click through the entirety when visiting your website, then remains on your website and ultimately clicks the contact or buy button — utilization of Visual Storytelling increases the power of your brand.

Highlight YOU in the images: allowing your customers to connect with you and understand your story.

Grow personal: Share behind scenes of your business with your clients. Invite your personas into your world and let them become a part of the company and let them become a part of in your companies success!

Show originality: Your brand should be as individual as you are. Share your authentic self with your customers.

Remember, there are only have several seconds in which capturing the attention of a possible client. The Creation of visually motivating content is the goal of making sure that prospects click through the entire website, and remains on the site, ultimately clicking thru to the contact button. With the deluge of competition out there, it would help to stand out with using visual storytelling. The human brain is wired to love beautiful imagery and to create narratives from those images.

Once you have your visually compelling content images, you can use them for everything and anything. Here are some places that clients use their images;

  1. Social media avatars

  2. Social media posts

  3. Headers and banners

  4. Your website

  5. Blog post

  6. Email signatures

  7. Newsletters

  8. Speaking pages and Marketing

  9. Printed media such as newspaper articles, magazines


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