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Designing Your Brand | Personal Branding

It’s about your ideal client, not just about you.

Yes, your brand represents who you are — you are your brand.

Which you are your brand?

Party you?

Family and friends, you?

Personal you?

The Professional You – the one client’s do business? The correct answer is a little of all of you.

As an expert in branding, it is my job to bridge all of you with the branding design and communications. A brand that feels authentically like you, which sets the perfect tone and mood to attracting the ideal client for your industry.

You are your brand; the cornerstone qualities should represent the uniqueness and personal qualities that dictate the professional you. The following questions will help you articulate the W’s of your brand.

Your ideal clients?

What about them makes them perfect?

What do you do?

What exactly are your clients investing by doing business with you?

Why you?

Why are you chosen over your competition?

Reasons clients love you?

Why are you unique?

What makes your business uniqueness?

What is exceptional value?

How do your clients find you?

Where and how do clients come in contact with your business?

What do your clients first recognize when seeing your brand?

Answering these questions should and will not be difficult. Answering these questions aids you in identifying your brand, ensuring it is authentic, true, and an effective brand identity that will speak to your target audience.


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